We provide easy access to the world’s leading Alternative Investment Funds

  • Evergreen funds with tax deferral
  • Embedded liquidity mechanism
  • Subscriptions with no capital calls
  • Open architecture - no subscription forms
  • The leading global fund managers

What are Alternative Investments?

Investments in private companies/assets as an alternative to publicly traded stocks and bonds.

Alternatives are a must in every portfolio public markets are providing a smaller exposure to the global economy


Listed domestic companies in the U.S down over 50% from peak in 1996

Why alternatives?

  • Low volatility
  • Low correlation to public markets
  • Alternative portfolios enjoy better risk-reward return profile
Alternative typically deliver excess returns couple of reduced volatility

Simple & Smart access to all Alternative asset classes

A full range of investment strategies focused on private markets. Flexibility to build balanced portfolios that meet clients’ long-term financial goals

Stronger together

LEAP is a subsidiary of the Phoenix insurance group, Israel’s largest institutional investor.
The group is the country’s most significant financial entity serving the private wealth market

  • 371\NISb AUM
  • 70+ Years of activity
  • 8.9\NISb Market cap
  • AAA Phoenix holdings Israeli rating

Our Leadership

LEAP was founded by a team of professionals with decades of experience in the capital markets.
Their experiences led them to change the alternative market in Israel.

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